HydraulikgreiferIOur cranes are redesigned for each project. Every industry rises a specific approach and design . No crane is the same. HydraulikgreiferI The taps can be designed for manual , semi – automatic or fully auto

matic. A good cooperation with our customers that we listen carefully to the needs of our clients ensures that there is a good crane design is realized. The design of load handling systems is included here .

The cranes can be carried out with grippers , spreaders, magnets, vacuum devices or specifically designed lifting equipment. An automatic faucet can save a lot of labor costs . The deployment of an automatic faucet instead of eg a shovel can cut costs . The investment pays off in quick time .

A number of features at a glance


  • electrical-cable-hoist-8590-6751933Advanced software developed by Norden Lifting Equipment
  • Remote monitoring information and maintenance status
  • Digital ” anti- sway “
  • Load-dependent speed control for optimal use of FEM class
  • Low downtime maintenance contract
  • 3D scan of product storage
  • Coupling with the control of the plant customer-specific security solutions
  • Customizing software remotely
  • Digital load measurement
  • Database backup
  • High quality grippers
  • European -fabricated components
  • Standardization of components for effective exchange of components